OK, I admit, The Musical Medium is a corny catchphrase – but for me, it totally sums me up. Before I decided to take my Mediumship into the professional world, I was dead set on becoming a singer/songwriter. Ever since I was younger, music was the one thing I was really good at. To this day, I always quote Miranda Lambert’s song Heart Like Mine by saying “My brother got the brains of the family, so I thought I’d learn to sing.” Songwriting became a huge part of my life when I started to really go through some serious earthly lessons. I wrote to process everything. No matter what was going on, music was the answer for me to figure out what was feeling. I began recording my music at home, and once I realized I had a collection of over 100 songs in just one year, I decided to take it to the stage. I was playing out singing my songs and some songs that spoke to me.

It was wonderful – but then I decided to take a break and really get my Mediumship business going. Which brings me to today, I’m combining my love of music with my ability to work psychically and mediumistically.

The first song I wrote as a psychic was called “Come on In”. I had a friend who was going through something that we couldn’t really put into words. She connected through music, just like I did, so we decided to write a song about it. I went home, sat down with my guitar and wrote the song in about 10 minutes. I was so excited to play it for her, not realizing the effects of what that would cause, I walked into her office and played it. We were both in tears at the end, and I realized that this was bigger than me. I was able to tune into someone and write a song about what their going through, and that changed my entire course of songwriting.

After that, I decided to channel my friend’s father and write a song about his perspective of what she’s going through using my Mediumistic abilities. Once again, it took me just opening up and the song poured out of me. He was completely supporting her and loving her from up there, and at that time, it was something she needed to hear.

I’ve gone on to write many songs for friends and clients about their lives through their loved one’s perspectives and their own. I have such a passion for this because I think at some point, we all look for music that puts in to words what we are going through. If you are interested in having this done – please fill out the contact form below.

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